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Hello there, welcome to my journal.
This journal content is mostly my random thoughts, romanji lyrics of vocaloid songs and some rl stuffs.
Beside lyrics, most of my posts are locked. But please feel free to add me.
Nice to meet you all.

A Hello

Sorry for the post before, now this one is a proper post =w="v
I have became lazy and never updated this journal... I'm very sorry > <

Well, some good things happened in these past months, though. Several weeks ago, I went on a field trip, thanks to school. All of 10th grader were there! X3 It was really fun. We went to a faraway village not really X'D It was a nice traditional village, even though there were some modern stuffs there w. But everyone there talked Sundanese, even though I actually have 100% Sundanese blood, I didn't understaaaaanndd X'3

Some photos~
The MemoriesCollapse )

Well, that was It XD Btw I saw a halo around moon yesterday! It's big and beautiful! >w<
halo there! wCollapse )
It's barely seen on the photo, sorry X'3

More good news: Saiyuki Reload Blast has returned!! Welcome back Minekura-sensei!!!

Anyway have a nice day! =w=


Music / Word / Guitars: yuxuki waga (s10rw / fhána)
Bass: 新井優人 (FLEET / monoral in the stereo etc.)
Illustration: 大槻香奈
Movie: task (南方研究所)
Original nico link: sm16367572

Light FallsCollapse )
Tell me if you find any error.
Doing this one because I fell in love with Lia's version.

Music & Lyrics: John
Movie & Illustration: SOE
Vocal: Hatsune Miku Append
Nico link: sm13911449 (original ver.)
sm16477943 (Lia's ver.)
sm16477520 (IA's ver.)

メテオCollapse )

Please tell me if you find any error.

Dec. 10th, 2011

Long time no see, everyone~ (´・ω・`)ノシ how are you guys? I'm in the middle of exam, and still have 5 more days to go...

By the way, thanks for adding me, clarisajeane! Late though, sorry ^^" but I'm so happy you still remember me X3
Anyway I still don't have much friends... yeah, I know I'm suck DX At time I get friends, I can't keep them... so they leave me too > <

Yeah, beside that... I see PONPONPON everywhere! Gerorin's cover fault XD In case if you haven't heard his cover...

【ニコニコ動画】【PONPONPON】歌ってみた ver.Gero

And then everyone else started to cover it too...



【ニコニコ動画】【蛇足】 PONPONPON アコギでアレンジしてもらって【歌ってみた】

Epic arranged ver. by machigerita.

【ニコニコ動画】【踊ってみた】PONPONPON ver.Gero【めろちん】
Melochin's dance.

【ニコニコ動画】【踊ってみた】PONPONPON ver.Gero【恐怖。】
And... Dance cover by Kyouhu <3

Thanks to Gerorin, we're having PONPONPON matsuri!
Music & Lyrics: KuwagataP
Illustration & Movie: Saine
Vocal: Megurine Luka
Original nico link: sm16075884

kimi no sukina hito wa dare desu ka?Collapse )


Yeah, an update, a real one ^^ I deleted my post from mobile phone since it was too random to be a post X3;;
Every time I want to do an update, I always feel too tired... High school life is harder than I thought. And oh my, I'll have final exam for this semester in 5 weeks DX time flows so fast...

Um, I've never said anything about my favorite nico dancers here, haven't I? Here are they, my favorite odorite!videos + fangirlingCollapse )
Original nico link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15676851

Music & lyrics: Takanon
Vocal: GUMI
Illustration & movie: komine

datte,,, > <Collapse )

Please tell me if you find any errors! :3

Hiya ☆

Sorry for not updating for several days... I was just not in mood and fangirling over my favorite producers, utaite and odorite... ^^"
I went to a boarding school (pesantren... how to say it in English?) 3 days ago and stayed there for a night because of my school's program. It was very tiring... But kinda fun also :3

Btw here is my answers for mizu_kanon's questions meme. I know it's pretty late... forgive me > <

Cut!Collapse )

Yeah, boring answers... hope you like =w=

And, do you know about Clannad? It's a visual novel made by company named Key. I'm sure you know... or at least have heard about it.
I'm trying to play the visual novel... I really like it, even though the anime is better... and faster. This is the first time I really try to play a VN... Usually I only play trial versions. Very exciting... but I'm not sure I want to play more, since it takes too much time =w=

Actually I tried to play a VN titled Rewrite, also by Key, but I've given up... It's interesting, but the story is kinda hard to follow since there's no translation yet xP

First post :3

My first post in this journal...
Do you know someone named annisa_annigirl in livejournal before? That was me... I deleted my old journal and made a new one ^^

My first post on the old journal was some Saiyuki characters picture... for now... I think I'll put romaji lyrics of a song...
Shiryokukensa by 40mP.
【ニコニコ動画】【GUMI(40㍍)】 シリョクケンサ 【オリジナルPV】
Yeah, I love this song...
I tried to romanize this myself... but I still need a lot of help ^^"

Eyesight test...Collapse )